Managing API documentation over multiple teams

In organisations that produce SaaS products with public APIs, there is sometimes complex interplay between who is responsible for what ultimately becomes public-facing API documentation. At MessageMedia, some of our APIs have had multiple developers involved in the creation of the documentation before it becomes public-facing, at which point the Developer Relations team is responsible for […]

Bec Martin
September 12, 2019

How to use Serverless framework for building workflows

About the Author Hieu Nguyen is a Technical Lead at MessageMedia, interested in systems design and leading teams to achieve challenging goals. Outside of work, he keeps himself busy by reading about new technologies. Hieu loves travelling and playing chess with friends. Introduction In a previous post, Introduction to AWS Step Functions, you discovered the steps […]

Bec Martin
August 02, 2019

Your first Django project

What do Spotify, Youtube, Dropbox, Instagram, Pinterest and Bitbucket all have in common? They are all built using Django! Django is an open-source python framework which provides tools to easily build web applications. If you’re looking for a way to quickly and easily build a website which is secure and scalable, Django is the answer. […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
July 08, 2019

Writing a Serverless Slack Bot

This week we have a guest post from Rick Measham, as Software Development Manager and Technology Team Leader at MessageMedia. Introduction Twenty years ago, I wrote my first automated chatbot. It hosted a trivia channel on IRC — the massive public chat network popular through the 90s and early 2000s. It asked a question, assessed […]

Bec Martin
June 18, 2019

Shape your messages into a conversation

Sometimes it’s hard thinking of a customer interaction as anything but a simple request that needs a fast and effective answer that lets both parties get back to whatever they were doing.  But does that mean we shouldn’t do everything practicable to make that interaction more of a conversation? Today we’re talking about Familiar Sender […]

Ibrahim Tareq
June 17, 2019

Putting an end to duplicate sending

When put into financial terms, the cost of duplicate data is alarming. Imagine the wasted costs of sending five of the same reminders to a single person. There is also the possibility of a negative impact on your response rates and the ROI of your marketing activity. Data-cleanliness can be a tedious task to perform […]

Ibrahim Tareq
June 17, 2019

How a single whitespace can triple your cost

With SMS messages, there’s a lot more than what meets the eye.  Your message doesn’t directly pass through the carrier as plain-text; it gets encoded prior to being sent into one of the many different standards.   The most popular standard of encoding is referred to as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and contains […]

Ibrahim Tareq
June 15, 2019

Automatically schedule messages for school hours with Social Sender

There’s nothing worse than getting home after a long day’s work, sitting down for dinner and then being interrupted by a call from a telemarketer. By the same token, it’s also really annoying when you’ve missed important information because it was sent when you weren’t expecting it. When you send your messages can be just […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
April 29, 2019

An Introduction to AWS Step Functions

This is a guest blog from Lini Abraham, an Automation Test Analyst at MessageMedia. Lini is working as a QA Engineer in MessageMedia.She is curious to learn and experiment new technologies. Working in a highly ambitious and flexible team has enabled her to work on development tasks along with testing. She also loves travelling and exploring new […]

Bec Martin
April 18, 2019

Top 5 reasons your SMS isn’t being delivered

If you’re a global company, SMS communication across all your localities can be a challenging proposition.  Each country, along with its carriers, has its own rules about what type of traffic is allowed and understanding the complexities of ensuring message delivery can be daunting. If your messages are not meeting their intended destination, this could […]

Bec Martin
March 21, 2019

How MessageMedia uses feature toggles

This week we have a guest post from Binh Phan, a Technical Lead at MesssageMedia Vietnam. Binh is currently the technical lead of the Conversations API team at MessageMedia in Vietnam. He spends his time coding and helping the team run smoothly. As a techie, he enjoys sharing knowledge and listening to experienced developers. At MessageMedia […]

Bec Martin
March 20, 2019

Accessing REST products and features alongside legacy APIs

We previously wrote about the main difference between SOAP and REST APIs and when businesses should choose one over the other. If you are currently integrating with SOAP or other legacy APIs there may be reasons why you want to stick with that integration for your business messaging. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the benefits […]

Bec Martin
March 01, 2019

What I learned from going to 6 meetups in 6 days

This week we have a guest post from Michael Lambert, a Senior PHP Developer at MesssageMedia.   Michael is currently a Senior PHP Developer in The Hub team. He spends his days wrangling code and planning improvements, and his nights are a combination of re-learning Javascript, trying to improve his fitness and going to meetups. […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
February 18, 2019

Easy analytics and reporting with Metadata

Are you optimising your messages for maximum impact? If you’re using our Messages API, you should be aware of our Metadata feature. It allows you to provide context about your conversations and customers by attaching customised data to your messages. You can read this post to deep dive into how Metadata works. Simply put, you […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
February 11, 2019

The benefits of moving from SOAP to REST APIs

MessageMedia provides fully featured REST APIs for messaging. However, there are also legacy SOAP APIs that are used by some customers for messaging services. Historically SOAP was the go-to messaging protocol for most web services – however, as the internet evolved developers needed a way to quickly build more lightweight web and mobile applications. Thus, […]

Bec Martin
January 30, 2019

Why your business needs Enterprise Webhooks

Gone are the days of polling APIs for data, thanks to instant notification mechanisms known as webhooks. At MessageMedia, we love webhooks because they allow you to access data in real-time. For example, webhooks enable you to receive notifications when messages are delivered via the Messaging API. While being incredibly powerful and efficient, webhooks may create […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 25, 2019

Sending a Message from a Name rather than a number

Have you ever wondered how some businesses are able to send a text message with a name instead of a random number, even though you don’t have them saved in the phone? This certainly makes the message seem more professional and less like random ‘spam’. For the companies that use this feature, it enables them […]

Bec Martin
January 21, 2019

Best Practices for Webhooks

Webhooks are awesome when you’re running an application that requires updates in real-time. However, you’ll need to be careful when using webhooks, as they can be your best friend but also become your biggest liability. We’ve discovered some common issues and caveats that need to be considered when using webhooks. Webhook Security If you’re familiar […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 18, 2019

Why unit testing is important?

Imagine working till 9pm at the office, trying to fix a bug that was raised earlier that day. After countless trials, errors and keyboard smashes, you finally manage to find a solution. You commit the changes, pat yourself on the back and call it a day. As you walk into the office the next morning, […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 15, 2019

API design using Apiary

It’s been proven time and time again how vital API documentation is to your developer experience. After all, in the world of APIs, developers are your users and therefore their experience matters most. In this blog post, we share what we’ve learned about API design and a tool called Apiary. What is API design? Designing […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 14, 2019

How we use Postman internally as an API-First company

At MessageMedia we pride ourselves on being API First. However, there’s a number of challenges in making our products publicly available to our customers and the developer community. Since API First companies have become more prevalent, there are a number of new tools for driving adoption and ensuring your APIs are easy to use. We […]

Bec Martin
January 11, 2019

YOW! Conference ’18

Did you know that YOW! Conferences started as an offshoot from the Danish JAOO (Java and Object Orientation) conference? That’s actually where it got its unorthodox name from. For the last 10 years, YOW! has seen over 35+ local and international speakers participate in the 2 day conference across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. With the […]

Ibrahim Tareq
December 18, 2018

Collecting feedback using MessageMedia’s Feedback App

Conferences are great places to educate ourselves about what’s hot in the industry, upcoming trends and networking with industry peers. Australian conferences and speakers have improved significantly over the last few years. This is largely due to the feedback shared by developers on social media, surveys, and rating cards at events. While helpful, they are […]

Ibrahim Tareq
December 14, 2018

Web Directions Summit ‘18

Summit was the 11th conference MessageMedia had proudly sponsored and attended this year and it was the 7th conference hosted by Web Directions. Attending Web Directions Summit is enough to make a non-tech person want to lock themselves in a room and learn all about the tech world! The annual two day conference was hosted at […]

Ibrahim Tareq
November 23, 2018

REST 101

If you’ve ever tried to retrieve data from Google maps or Twitter, chances are you interacted with a REST API. REST API was derived from the concept of REST which is a term that was defined in Roy Fielding’s Ph.D. thesis and is the acronym for REpresentative State Transfer. Today there are very few applications […]

Ibrahim Tareq
November 20, 2018

Everything you missed at DevDay

What a day! DevDay was a one-day event, where our Developer Community joined us at the Melbourne Convention Centre to learn about the future of messaging, participate in four technical workshops and get access to our Beta APIs. For anyone who missed out, here’s the major takeaways from DevDay 2018. The Future of Messaging The first workshop of the day […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
October 30, 2018

Chameleon SMS

What is privacy for you? Take a moment to think before answering that question. I like to define privacy as the right to share personal information with certain people at a certain time. A lot of people these days think that since they’ve got “nothing to hide”, they don’t need to care about privacy. Well […]

Ibrahim Tareq
October 29, 2018

MessageMedia x Auth0

We’re pleased to announce that you can now use MessageMedia as an SMS gateway for Auth0’s passwordless authentication system. This integration allows you to use MessageMedia’s messaging services to send one-time codes generated by Auth0 to authenticate applications and mobile devices. But wait, who is Auth0? What is passwordless? Let’s find out more.   Auth0 […]

Ibrahim Tareq
October 25, 2018

The one thing you need to do to thrive in tech product development

Bach Huong, a Team Leader for MessageMedia, shares some wisdom about how to succeed in a product development environment. In this interview, he talks about career paths in IT and also gives advice to young developers who are in the early stages of their careers. Bach works in Ho Chi Minh City, in a development […]

Ibrahim Tareq
October 02, 2018

Top 4 reasons to attend DevDay

MessageMedia’s DevDay is a free one-day developer event with hands-on workshops, live demonstrations and of course, lots of coffee. If you’re wondering why you should attend DevDay, we have four great reasons: 1. Be one of the first to experience RCS Something big is happening in the world of messaging and it’s called Rich Communication […]

Ibrahim Tareq
September 25, 2018

HLR Lookups

In one of my previous blog posts, I talked about Lookups API, what it is, why and how you would use it. In a nutshell, Lookups provides basic number insights and allows you to validate numbers. In addition to this, it provides you with the most up-to-date, real-time data on each individual number. We’ve now […]

Ibrahim Tareq
September 24, 2018

DevOps Talks Conference Sydney ’18

After a smashing success in Melbourne, DevOps Talks decided to come to the home of the renowned Opera house – Sydney. But what is DevOps Talks? DevOps Talks, also known as DOTC, brings together engineers and architects who are implementing DevOps principles and practices in start-ups and enterprise companies. The conference was created as a […]

Ibrahim Tareq
September 20, 2018

Metadata 101

The word “Meta” derives from Greek origins, meaning “among, with, after, change.” In the world of tech, this prefix means “an underlying definition or description.” So what exactly is metadata? The simplest way of putting it is data that provides information about other data. You’re probably wondering, why do we even need data about data? […]

Ibrahim Tareq
August 22, 2018

Web Directions Code ‘18

Web Directions is a name that, over the years, has become synonymous with top-class conferences, workshops and networking events related to the web. Web Directions runs 5+ conferences every year and each conference is tailored to a targeted audience. Last week, Web Directions Code made its appearance for the 6th time since its inception in […]

Ibrahim Tareq
August 17, 2018

Introducing MessageMedia Enterprise Webhooks

“My application is immune to security risks.” said no one ever. In an ever-growing world of web applications, security is an absolute necessity. As I’ve discussed in a previous article, Webhooks albeit being incredibly useful can create some dangerous security vulnerabilities in your application if not taken care of properly.   Webhook security tactics The […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 31, 2018

Secure Webhooks > Webhooks

What are Webhooks and why they’re not secure The growth of Webhooks has been substantial over the last couple of years and more and more services are offering the ability to configure them. In a nutshell, a Webhook’s purpose is to notify you when some sort of event occurs. If you want to use a […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 31, 2018

Webhooks 101

To get your creative juices flowing, let’s picture this scenario. You’ve decided to dine in at a Mexican restaurant and you’ve ordered a mouth-watering naked burrito meal. You’ve made the payment and were handed a table number. Now you patiently wait for your order to be brought to you. A Webhook is a simple real-time […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 31, 2018

Why you need to start using 2FA

In Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report, they reported that 63% of confirmed data breaches involved leveraging weak, stolen or default passwords. This shouldn’t come as surprise given “123456”, “password” and my personal favourite, “letmein”, were amongst the most commonly used passwords of 2017.   Why are passwords not secure? Passwords were never a reliable way of providing […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 18, 2018

JavaScript Origins

Fun fact: JavaScript, the undisputed king of the client, was written in 10 days by a single programmer. Of course, it did not have all the features of the JavaScript that we know and love today (you do love it, don’t you?). JavaScript is now being used by over 69% of developers and 94% of all websites use it […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 02, 2018

May Meetup Wrap

It’s been a meetup-packed month for me. 7 in a month, my highest so far! Wednesday the 9th was the first meetup – AWS Programming and Tools meetup and was hosted at MessageMedia. The topic of the evening was “Using Packer and Vagrant in AWS” and the event was more of a hands-on type meetup rather than […]

Ibrahim Tareq
June 13, 2018

Introducing MessageMedia Webhooks Management API

Back in the day, developers would write code that hits an API every few minutes to check for changes. This concept is known as polling and it’s quite simple. You send a request to an endpoint to check for new events at a set frequency and wait for it to respond. If it doesn’t, then […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 31, 2018

Fail-safe your application with Social Sending

Getting an unwanted (and sometimes illegible) message late at night from a good friend is almost instantly forgiven, but how long would it take to forgive getting a message from a business during the night? Businesses conduct their activities in traditional business hours usually from 8-6pm and customers expect their relationships with businesses within or […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 16, 2018

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2018

Zurich, Vienna, Bucharest, France and finally the world’s most liveable city. Voxxed Days had come to Melbourne for the very first time. The two-day event started with a series of masterclasses or technical workshops, each running in sessions for the entire day. The second day was full of talks in which professionals from different fields […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 09, 2018

Messages API explained in 5 minutes

In an era of digital natives, reaching others, whether they are your loved ones or customers, has been reduced to something as simple as the press of a button. Yes, it’s an exciting time to be alive but without the right APIs, this would’ve still remained a figment of the imagination. Texting has become the […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 04, 2018

AWS Lambda – Serverless Superhero

Serverless computing is a topic that has been brewing quite a lot of buzz in the industry. But something extraordinary happened when Serverless computing met Event-driven computing. It led to the birth of Lambda.  Now wait a second. What are all these buzzwords? What the heck do they even mean?   Basics To understand Lambdas, […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 02, 2018

MessageMedia MMS now available

Taking a snap of your meter reading and sending it to the utility company. Sending snaps of the recent kitchen leak to the insurance company. Sending photo ID to your financial institution. What do these scenarios have in common? They are all ways you can receive valuable information from your customers whilst being more resourceful, […]

Ibrahim Tareq
April 30, 2018

Know the details behind every phone number

Did you know that over 98% of text messages are opened, while only 22% of emails are opened? Customers respond to SMS and this behaviour can be very powerful for businesses. Unless you can connect with your customers seamlessly, any attempt to engage and retain them will frustrate them. They will either abandon your business […]

Ibrahim Tareq
April 16, 2018

How to send an SMS using Google Home

I recently purchased a Google Home Mini. Naturally working at MessageMedia one of my first requests to Google was “OK Google!!! Send an SMS” to which I was a bit disappointed, however it presented an opportunity. Over the next few days, I wanted to see if I could build a simple Google Home Action (Google […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
March 19, 2018

UI Functional Testing Journey

At Message Media I built a Functional Test pipeline within our CI/CD process. The idea was to drastically reduce the amount of regression testing we were doing and enable the QAs to do what they do best; -create work for me- focus on finding bugs. As our tests grew larger we started to run into […]

Callum Silcock
March 17, 2018

AWS Parameter Store Quick Start

I’ve seen a few different ways of storing secrets and parameter values for deployments. Some include puppet, storing on S3 and DynamoDB. But look no further, AWS have a service called AWS Parameter Store which allows you to store parameter values, encrypt them if required and even audit changes to parameters. So let’s see how […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
February 15, 2018

Quick Install Guide to ELK on AWS EC2

This one is for anyone out there who wants to setup their own, all-in-one ELK stack server on AWS. The powers of ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana combined creates the ELK stack. ELK is used for parsing, sorting and storing logs. The best part is the software is free. The aim of the article is for you to get your […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
October 29, 2017

Lambda, API Gateway, Python based API Endpoint!

When I wrote my last article,  A quick, cheap and serverless website…..S3/CloudFront/Route53, someone asked me that even though I am paying $2 a month, that money is still money and if the website isn’t used, you will still pay! Which is true as AWS charges you for data stored in S3 bucket. To go a […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 29, 2017

Blocking page navigation in a ReactJS Application (React Router)

Our product owner came to us with an interesting problem the other day, in the latest release of the MessageMedia Frontend we have a new payment portal for customers to pay invoices, when a user is in the process of paying a bill we need to block navigation, or in his words: As a billing […]

Callum Silcock
October 23, 2017

What’s your message? Code, Campaigns and Business….

What’s the better way to spend a Thursday morning than to write some python code which can read my demo customers from a file and their birth date, then send them a 50% discount if today is their birthday, which in turns gets them to spend some money in store or at least appreciate your […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 23, 2017

A DevOps Engineer’s life! A quick, cheap and serverless website…..S3/CloudFront/Route53

I recently got asked if I can get a temporary webpage up which can display static content for a few days. The main site had moved to a different URL and we needed to display a page (not redirect which you can via S3 as well by the way) so anyone opening the URL should […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 20, 2017

Face Rekognition, powerful yet simple way!

Someone applies for a position, you do the background check, which comes as all nice and dandy but just what if the IDs were changed or background check itself was not good enough? What if I wanted to see if someone is part of an offenders list before I open the door or allow someone to join […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 09, 2017

Query ALB logs via SQL

AWS Athena Serverless Interactive Query Service With the news of AWS Athena available in Sydney, instead of just sharing it (which is good as well by the way), I thought I will use the functionality to solve a use case. Athena is a serverless query service that allows you to analyse data stored in Amazon S3 using […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 02, 2017
photo at DevRel Summit 2017

DevRel Summit 2017

Building Bridges in Seattle Charles Morris summarised developer relations quite nicely during his talk at DevRel Summit 2017, it’s all about building a bridge between your internal development team and the developers in the community using your product. The ‘Rel’ in DevRel, short (because techies love shortening things) for relations or relationships is critical in building […]

Ben Mostafa
September 21, 2017
OWASP AppSec AU 2017 lanyard

OWASP AppSec AU 2017

The not so scary security conference. In any application security conference, the juciest parts are always the new and interesting ways in which our precious data can be exposed by vulnerabilities in our code, the frameworks on which we’ve built our code, or the infrastructure on which our code runs. Those responsible for delivering software […]

Ben Mostafa
September 15, 2017

#SheHacks 2017

It’s Friday evening and a group of 200 plus women are meeting at the Dream Factory, Footscray to participate in Girl Geek Academy’s 3-day #SheHacks hackathon. The largest all-female hackathon globally, #SheHacks encourages Hipsters (designers), Hackers (programmers) and Hustlers (marketers) to come together and create an MVP (minimal viable product) in just 48 hours. Organised […]

Stephanie Gillies
August 01, 2017

MessageMedia’s First Hackathon

At the end of another busy week in MessageMedia’s Melbourne office, 45 staff downed tools and came together to turn nine ideas into reality. MessageMedia’s inaugural Hackathon kicked off on Thursday afternoon, with teams working afternoon and evening, through the next day to hack together the teams chosen idea. A pitch session followed, with each […]

Ben Mostafa
July 06, 2017