Putting an end to duplicate sending

When put into financial terms, the cost of duplicate data is alarming. Imagine the wasted costs of sending five of the same reminders to a single person. There is also the possibility of a negative impact on your response rates and the ROI of your marketing activity. Data-cleanliness can be a tedious task to perform […]

Ibrahim Tareq
April 17, 2018

Know the details behind every phone number

Did you know that over 98% of text messages are opened, while only 22% of emails are opened? Customers respond to SMS and this behaviour can be very powerful for businesses. Unless you can connect with your customers seamlessly, any attempt to engage and retain them will frustrate them. They will either abandon your business […]

Ibrahim Tareq
April 16, 2018

How to send an SMS using Google Home

I recently purchased a Google Home Mini. Naturally working at MessageMedia one of my first requests to Google was “OK Google!!! Send an SMS” to which I was a bit disappointed, however it presented an opportunity. Over the next few days, I wanted to see if I could build a simple Google Home Action (Google […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
March 19, 2018

UI Functional Testing Journey

At Message Media I built a Functional Test pipeline within our CI/CD process. The idea was to drastically reduce the amount of regression testing we were doing and enable the QAs to do what they do best; -create work for me- focus on finding bugs. As our tests grew larger we started to run into […]

Callum Silcock
March 17, 2018

AWS Parameter Store Quick Start

I’ve seen a few different ways of storing secrets and parameter values for deployments. Some include puppet, storing on S3 and DynamoDB. But look no further, AWS have a service called AWS Parameter Store which allows you to store parameter values, encrypt them if required and even audit changes to parameters. So let’s see how […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
February 15, 2018

Quick Install Guide to ELK on AWS EC2

This one is for anyone out there who wants to setup their own, all-in-one ELK stack server on AWS. The powers of ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana combined creates the ELK stack. ELK is used for parsing, sorting and storing logs. The best part is the software is free. The aim of the article is for you to get your […]

Dilanka Dharmawardena
October 29, 2017

Lambda, API Gateway, Python based API Endpoint!

When I wrote my last article,  A quick, cheap and serverless website…..S3/CloudFront/Route53, someone asked me that even though I am paying $2 a month, that money is still money and if the website isn’t used, you will still pay! Which is true as AWS charges you for data stored in S3 bucket. To go a […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 29, 2017

Blocking page navigation in a ReactJS Application (React Router)

Our product owner came to us with an interesting problem the other day, in the latest release of the MessageMedia Frontend we have a new payment portal for customers to pay invoices, when a user is in the process of paying a bill we need to block navigation, or in his words: As a billing […]

Callum Silcock
October 23, 2017

What’s your message? Code, Campaigns and Business….

What’s the better way to spend a Thursday morning than to write some python code which can read my demo customers from a file and their birth date, then send them a 50% discount if today is their birthday, which in turns gets them to spend some money in store or at least appreciate your […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 23, 2017

A DevOps Engineer’s life! A quick, cheap and serverless website…..S3/CloudFront/Route53

I recently got asked if I can get a temporary webpage up which can display static content for a few days. The main site had moved to a different URL and we needed to display a page (not redirect which you can via S3 as well by the way) so anyone opening the URL should […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 20, 2017

Face Rekognition, powerful yet simple way!

Someone applies for a position, you do the background check, which comes as all nice and dandy but just what if the IDs were changed or background check itself was not good enough? What if I wanted to see if someone is part of an offenders list before I open the door or allow someone to join […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 09, 2017

Query ALB logs via SQL

AWS Athena Serverless Interactive Query Service With the news of AWS Athena available in Sydney, instead of just sharing it (which is good as well by the way), I thought I will use the functionality to solve a use case. Athena is a serverless query service that allows you to analyse data stored in Amazon S3 using […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 02, 2017
photo at DevRel Summit 2017

DevRel Summit 2017

Building Bridges in Seattle Charles Morris summarised developer relations quite nicely during his talk at DevRel Summit 2017, it’s all about building a bridge between your internal development team and the developers in the community using your product. The ‘Rel’ in DevRel, short (because techies love shortening things) for relations or relationships is critical in building […]

Ben Mostafa
September 21, 2017
OWASP AppSec AU 2017 lanyard

OWASP AppSec AU 2017

The not so scary security conference. In any application security conference, the juciest parts are always the new and interesting ways in which our precious data can be exposed by vulnerabilities in our code, the frameworks on which we’ve built our code, or the infrastructure on which our code runs. Those responsible for delivering software […]

Ben Mostafa
September 15, 2017

#SheHacks 2017

It’s Friday evening and a group of 200 plus women are meeting at the Dream Factory, Footscray to participate in Girl Geek Academy’s 3-day #SheHacks hackathon. The largest all-female hackathon globally, #SheHacks encourages Hipsters (designers), Hackers (programmers) and Hustlers (marketers) to come together and create an MVP (minimal viable product) in just 48 hours. Organised […]

Stephanie Gillies
August 01, 2017

MessageMedia’s First Hackathon

At the end of another busy week in MessageMedia’s Melbourne office, 45 staff downed tools and came together to turn nine ideas into reality. MessageMedia’s inaugural Hackathon kicked off on Thursday afternoon, with teams working afternoon and evening, through the next day to hack together the teams chosen idea. A pitch session followed, with each […]

Ben Mostafa
July 06, 2017