Everything you missed at DevDay

What a day! DevDay was a one-day event, where our Developer Community joined us at the Melbourne Convention Centre to learn about the future of messaging, participate in four technical workshops and get access to our Beta APIs. For anyone who missed out, here’s the major takeaways from DevDay 2018.

The Future of Messaging

The first workshop of the day was RCS with Casey Waters (Product Manager) and Ben Mostafa (Engineering Manager). The one question on everyone’s mind, what exactly is RCS? It’s the new messaging protocol paving the way for the next generation of messaging. 

RCS provides an app-like experience from within a message, allowing businesses to provide richer and more engaging conversations with customers. Businesses can share images, videos, calendar invites, directions and more all within a single conversation. 

“Initial trials of RCS show engagement uplift up to 50x and it’s currently available across 45 countries, 62 carriers and 17% of global mobile users” 

One API for Multiple Messaging Channels

Casey presented the second workshop on our Conversations API. It provides a single endpoint for multiple messaging channels. Given that Facebook has over 1.3 billion users, and WhatsApp has over 1.5 billion users, its clear customers are increasingly using social media and business’ need to manage their presence.

“In 2016, Facebook found 67% of respondents expect to be able to message a business” 

Our Conversation API saves time, money and resources by managing each integration to allow businesses to achieve conversation continuity across browsers and devices.  There’s no need to share usernames or passwords on a day-to-day basis or manage Facebook breaking changes. It’s a single API with functionality that grows over time and provides a multichannel conversational inbox.  

Auth0 x MessageMedia   

Surprise! Our mystery workshop was revealed as Auth0 joined DevDay. Ben Dechrai, Developer Evangelist at Auth0 stopped by to speak on ‘Passwordless Authentication’. In short, discussing how to eliminate the need for passwords by securing your sign-up and login processes with one-time codes.  

Curious about how to do this? Luckily for you, there’s now a MessageMedia integration for Auth0 which allows you to send one-time SMS codes by leveraging our Messaging API. To learn more about the integration, check out the Github repo here. 

Secure Your Webhooks

Ben returned on stage to introduce attendees to Webhooks and MessageMedia’s offerings. Defining Webhooks as a powerful integration mechanism between two systems. For example, Webhooks provide real time notifications when a pull request is received. At MessageMedia, we use Webhooks to send real time notification when a message is delivered, and a reply is received.  

Ben identified several ways you can secure your Webhooks. By using IP address filtering to identify trusted and untrusted sources, shared secrets and cryptographic signatures.  

To further secure your Webhooks, MessageMedia provides a number of features. 

  1. Preconfigured, per message webhooks via the Messaging API 
  2. Custom, account level webhooks using the Webhooks API 
  3. Signed webhooks using the Enterprise Webhooks and Signature Key API 

Masked Communication with Chameleon SMS


Lastly, Ibrahim Tareq (Developer Evangelist) wrapped up the day with a workshop on Chameleon SMS. It masks phone numbers for a private and safe connection and it’s completely open-source!  

There were so many insightful takeaways from this workshop, we created a whole blog post about it. To learn more, check out the Chameleon SMS blog here. 

As you can see, DevDay was jam packed with content on a variety of technical subjects, allowing developers to get exclusive access to our Beta APIs and discover the future of messaging.  

If you’re interested in finding out more information on our Beta APIs, email us at developers@messagemedia.com.

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