Using Adobe Campaign with MessageMedia SMS

Adobe Campaign is a leading omnichannel marketing solution that enables you to use rich customer data for customer journeys. Craft cross-channel campaigns using MessageMedia’s integration to enhance the customer journey and drive greater ROI.

To get started, you will need an SMPP user added to your account. To request SMPP credentials, contact your account manager or support at

Once enabled, you will receive the details for setting up your Adobe Campaign dashboard. The next process depends on which version of Adobe Campaigns you are using (Classic or Standard). In general, however, setting up an Adobe Campaign consists of the following steps:

  1. Setting up the connector;
  2. Setting up your delivery template to reference your new SMS connector; and,
  3. Creating a delivery campaign.

Part 1: Set up the connector/external account

Adobe Campaign comes with a set of pre-defined external accounts. This includes an SMS account where you can modify and insert the correct details. However, for the purposes of this guide, we will set up a new external account. Follow the instructions for your version of Adobe Campaigns:



Under the “Connection settings” field, you will need the following details:

Server & Port
Port: 2775
Port (TLS): 3775

Account & Password
System ID:

Source – TON, NPI
Source: Alpha Numeric
TON: 5
NPI: not required

Destination – TON, NPI
International Format
TON: 1
NPI: 1

Part 2: Set up a template

After setting up the connector and any other additional settings, such as character transliteration or automatic replies, you need to set up a template that uses that connector. Duplicate the existing “Send to mobiles” delivery template and edit the copy to use the connector you created.



Part 3: Create an SMS delivery!

The final step is to create a new delivery from your delivery dashboard as a part of your campaign, then select the connector you created as the delivery mechanism.




Adobe Campaign is a sophisticated tool for omnichannel marketing. With a few simple steps, you can leverage carrier-grade SMS throughput to communicate effectively with your customers.