MessageMedia MMS now available

Taking a snap of your meter reading and sending it to the utility company. Sending snaps of the recent kitchen leak to the insurance company. Sending photo ID to your financial institution. What do these scenarios have in common? They are all ways you can receive valuable information from your customers whilst being more resourceful, speeding up and simplifying the processes.



SMS can be used for solely text-based communication while MMS can deliver a variety of media, enabling businesses to creatively engage with their customers and staff. Although MMS does have benefits over SMS, these benefits are complimentary.

Simply put, MMS allows you to send messages that include multimedia content such as pictures, audio and clips directly to a phone. Whether you’re a real-estate agent with a hot new property on the market or a retailer with a massive Christmas sale on, sending a picture message can spark a lot of interest. A simple snap of your latest property or discounted jacket can plant a seed in your potential customer’s head. Bear in my mind, inbound MMS is currently supported in both Australia the US but outbound is available in the US only.

Curious? I was too and so I decided to send myself an MMS using the Messages Ruby SDK

require 'message_media_messages'

auth_user_name = 'API_KEY' 
auth_password = 'API_SECRET' 
use_hmac = false 

client =
    auth_user_name: auth_user_name,
    auth_password: auth_password,
    use_hmac: use_hmac

messages = client.messages
body_value = '{
         "content":"My first MMS",
         "media": [

body = JSON.parse(body_value);
result = messages.create_send_messages(body)


Sometimes we’re lacking a visual aid to reinforce the message. Imagine having a new winter menu, sending it directly to your customers’ phones with a link to a PDF or your website captioned “Food for thought?” That’s where MMS comes in – a more rich and engaging medium for you and your customers.

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