Managing API documentation over multiple teams

In organisations that produce SaaS products with public APIs, there is sometimes complex interplay between who is responsible for what ultimately becomes public-facing API documentation. At MessageMedia, some of our APIs have had multiple developers involved in the creation of the documentation before it becomes public-facing, at which point the Developer Relations team is responsible for […]

Bec Martin
September 12, 2019

Collecting feedback using MessageMedia’s Feedback App

Conferences are great places to educate ourselves about what’s hot in the industry, upcoming trends and networking with industry peers. Australian conferences and speakers have improved significantly over the last few years. This is largely due to the feedback shared by developers on social media, surveys, and rating cards at events. While helpful, they are […]

Ibrahim Tareq
December 14, 2018

Web Directions Summit ‘18

Summit was the 11th conference MessageMedia had proudly sponsored and attended this year and it was the 7th conference hosted by Web Directions. Attending Web Directions Summit is enough to make a non-tech person want to lock themselves in a room and learn all about the tech world! The annual two day conference was hosted at […]

Ibrahim Tareq
November 23, 2018

Everything you missed at DevDay

What a day! DevDay was a one-day event, where our Developer Community joined us at the Melbourne Convention Centre to learn about the future of messaging, participate in four technical workshops and get access to our Beta APIs. For anyone who missed out, here’s the major takeaways from DevDay 2018. The Future of Messaging The first workshop of the day […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
October 30, 2018

Web Directions Code ‘18

Web Directions is a name that, over the years, has become synonymous with top-class conferences, workshops and networking events related to the web. Web Directions runs 5+ conferences every year and each conference is tailored to a targeted audience. Last week, Web Directions Code made its appearance for the 6th time since its inception in […]

Ibrahim Tareq
August 17, 2018

Voxxed Days Melbourne 2018

Zurich, Vienna, Bucharest, France and finally the world’s most liveable city. Voxxed Days had come to Melbourne for the very first time. The two-day event started with a series of masterclasses or technical workshops, each running in sessions for the entire day. The second day was full of talks in which professionals from different fields […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 09, 2018
photo at DevRel Summit 2017

DevRel Summit 2017

Building Bridges in Seattle Charles Morris summarised developer relations quite nicely during his talk at DevRel Summit 2017, it’s all about building a bridge between your internal development team and the developers in the community using your product. The ‘Rel’ in DevRel, short (because techies love shortening things) for relations or relationships is critical in building […]

Ben Mostafa
September 21, 2017
OWASP AppSec AU 2017 lanyard

OWASP AppSec AU 2017

The not so scary security conference. In any application security conference, the juciest parts are always the new and interesting ways in which our precious data can be exposed by vulnerabilities in our code, the frameworks on which we’ve built our code, or the infrastructure on which our code runs. Those responsible for delivering software […]

Ben Mostafa
September 15, 2017