Managing API documentation over multiple teams

In organisations that produce SaaS products with public APIs, there is sometimes complex interplay between who is responsible for what ultimately becomes public-facing API documentation. At MessageMedia, some of our APIs have had multiple developers involved in the creation of the documentation before it becomes public-facing, at which point the Developer Relations team is responsible for […]

Bec Martin
September 12, 2019

Writing a Serverless Slack Bot

This week we have a guest post from Rick Measham, as Software Development Manager and Technology Team Leader at MessageMedia. Introduction Twenty years ago, I wrote my first automated chatbot. It hosted a trivia channel on IRC — the massive public chat network popular through the 90s and early 2000s. It asked a question, assessed […]

Bec Martin
June 18, 2019

An Introduction to AWS Step Functions

This is a guest blog from Lini Abraham, an Automation Test Analyst at MessageMedia. Lini is working as a QA Engineer in MessageMedia.She is curious to learn and experiment new technologies. Working in a highly ambitious and flexible team has enabled her to work on development tasks along with testing. She also loves travelling and exploring new […]

Bec Martin
April 18, 2019

Collecting feedback using MessageMedia’s Feedback App

Conferences are great places to educate ourselves about what’s hot in the industry, upcoming trends and networking with industry peers. Australian conferences and speakers have improved significantly over the last few years. This is largely due to the feedback shared by developers on social media, surveys, and rating cards at events. While helpful, they are […]

Ibrahim Tareq
December 14, 2018

AWS Lambda – Serverless Superhero

Serverless computing is a topic that has been brewing quite a lot of buzz in the industry. But something extraordinary happened when Serverless computing met Event-driven computing. It led to the birth of Lambda.  Now wait a second. What are all these buzzwords? What the heck do they even mean?   Basics To understand Lambdas, […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 02, 2018

Lambda, API Gateway, Python based API Endpoint!

When I wrote my last article,  A quick, cheap and serverless website…..S3/CloudFront/Route53, someone asked me that even though I am paying $2 a month, that money is still money and if the website isn’t used, you will still pay! Which is true as AWS charges you for data stored in S3 bucket. To go a […]

Anshumali Sharma
October 29, 2017