Managing API documentation over multiple teams

In organisations that produce SaaS products with public APIs, there is sometimes complex interplay between who is responsible for what ultimately becomes public-facing API documentation. At MessageMedia, some of our APIs have had multiple developers involved in the creation of the documentation before it becomes public-facing, at which point the Developer Relations team is responsible for […]

Bec Martin
September 12, 2019

Chameleon SMS

What is privacy for you? Take a moment to think before answering that question. I like to define privacy as the right to share personal information with certain people at a certain time. A lot of people these days think that since they’ve got “nothing to hide”, they don’t need to care about privacy. Well […]

Ibrahim Tareq
October 29, 2018

Metadata 101

The word “Meta” derives from Greek origins, meaning “among, with, after, change.” In the world of tech, this prefix means “an underlying definition or description.” So what exactly is metadata? The simplest way of putting it is data that provides information about other data. You’re probably wondering, why do we even need data about data? […]

Ibrahim Tareq
August 22, 2018