Managing API documentation over multiple teams

In organisations that produce SaaS products with public APIs, there is sometimes complex interplay between who is responsible for what ultimately becomes public-facing API documentation. At MessageMedia, some of our APIs have had multiple developers involved in the creation of the documentation before it becomes public-facing, at which point the Developer Relations team is responsible for […]

Bec Martin
September 12, 2019

Why your business needs Enterprise Webhooks

Gone are the days of polling APIs for data, thanks to instant notification mechanisms known as webhooks. At MessageMedia, we love webhooks because they allow you to access data in real-time. For example, webhooks enable you to receive notifications when messages are delivered via the Messaging API. While being incredibly powerful and efficient, webhooks may create […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 25, 2019

Best Practices for Webhooks

Webhooks are awesome when you’re running an application that requires updates in real-time. However, you’ll need to be careful when using webhooks, as they can be your best friend but also become your biggest liability. We’ve discovered some common issues and caveats that need to be considered when using webhooks. Webhook Security If you’re familiar […]

Ibrahim Tareq
January 18, 2019

Everything you missed at DevDay

What a day! DevDay was a one-day event, where our Developer Community joined us at the Melbourne Convention Centre to learn about the future of messaging, participate in four technical workshops and get access to our Beta APIs. For anyone who missed out, here’s the major takeaways from DevDay 2018. The Future of Messaging The first workshop of the day […]

Natalie Byrgiotis
October 30, 2018

Top 4 reasons to attend DevDay

MessageMedia’s DevDay is a free one-day developer event with hands-on workshops, live demonstrations and of course, lots of coffee. If you’re wondering why you should attend DevDay, we have four great reasons: 1. Be one of the first to experience RCS Something big is happening in the world of messaging and it’s called Rich Communication […]

Ibrahim Tareq
September 25, 2018

Secure Webhooks > Webhooks

What are Webhooks and why they’re not secure The growth of Webhooks has been substantial over the last couple of years and more and more services are offering the ability to configure them. In a nutshell, a Webhook’s purpose is to notify you when some sort of event occurs. If you want to use a […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 31, 2018

Webhooks 101

To get your creative juices flowing, let’s picture this scenario. You’ve decided to dine in at a Mexican restaurant and you’ve ordered a mouth-watering naked burrito meal. You’ve made the payment and were handed a table number. Now you patiently wait for your order to be brought to you. A Webhook is a simple real-time […]

Ibrahim Tareq
July 31, 2018

Introducing MessageMedia Webhooks Management API

Back in the day, developers would write code that hits an API every few minutes to check for changes. This concept is known as polling and it’s quite simple. You send a request to an endpoint to check for new events at a set frequency and wait for it to respond. If it doesn’t, then […]

Ibrahim Tareq
May 31, 2018